Hi There

This demo online shop is part of a use case demonstration of the Blobaa project..
It should present a fictive online shop that provides a travel draw for a trip to Paris.
Preregistered participants can opt-in by scanning the QR-Code with the Blobaa App.

You do not need to have the App installed to test the demonstrator.
There is a web App available which uses the exact same logic used by the Blobaa App.
The only difference is the way of data submission, which needs to be done manually in the web App.
By clicking on the Blobaa App link next to the QR-Code, the web App, prefilled with the information of the QR-Code,
will be opened and you can continue opting-in as the fictive demo user Max Mustermann.

Don't hestitate to contact me if you have questions, suggestions, bugs, or anything else :)
Email: hi.blobaa@gmx.com

Designed with ❤️ by Anna Laas
Developed with ❤️ by Attila Aldemir